Before applying, please consider the following:


  1. Startup Nightmares is committed to providing its audience
    real-life, actionable knowledge and deliver it candidly. 


  2. The show is recorded on location, face-to-face. 
    Each season taking place in a different tech hub so
    it might be a while before we pay you a visit.


  3. We require a high level of commitment from our guests.
    That means being available to have preliminary interviews
    and a 3-hour window for the shoot itself.


  4. What's in it for you?

    • A podcast experience like no other: a safe and supportive setting in which you can be your true self. 

    • The opportunity to engage with an audience that has zero-tolerance for bullshit, and that rewards honesty with everlasting love and respect.

    • Becoming a part of the community that sets the bar for how startups should do business, grow and behave.

If that sounds like something you're up for, and you've got some good stories to tell, we'd love to have you over. 

Cheers! 🧟